The imported equipment is procured from reputed manufacturers who apart from providing Performance Guarantee are also providing periodical maintenance and training of Hospital's technicians in upkeep/routine maintenance of equipment.  Two bio medical engineers are available round the clock for maintenance and fault control of all the equipment.

As success of treatment depends on timely and precise diagnosis of ailment, Andhra Hosptals has installed adequate laboratory, Radiology and Imaging services.  The Radiology and Imaging section is equipped with suitable equipment, which includes X-ray unit, Ultra Sound Scanner which is an aid in the field of non-invasive imaging techniques is also installed. All above Diagnostic facilities are both for in-patients and outpatients.

The scope of services provided in the various departments of Hospital are listed hereunder.
Provides infrastructure & specialists for all diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic procedures.  It is one of the busiest Laparoscopic & Gastro intestinal surgical units in the state.