"General Surgery"


Andhra Hospital has the best hospital surgery department and consists of 7 senior surgeons working for the past 8yrs, providing the health care services to the patients of entire costal Andhra, Khammam & Prakasam Dist, it is one of the biggest hospitals in coastal area performing large number of surgeries.

State of the art latest-techniques in general surgery is performed in Andhra Hospital by an experienced senior surgeons - Dr.D.Ravindra.,MS.,FMAS., Dr.K.Gopinath.,MS.,FMAS., Dr. T. Leela Krishna Prasad.,MS.,FMAS and Dr.B.Srinivas. Our Department also still more strengthened by surgical gastroenterologists Dr. P.V.Ramana Murthy., MS.,FRCS., Dr. K.Ravikanth.,MS.,DNB ( Surgical gastroenterology), Dr.N.Venu.,MS.,Mch.

It is the only Hospital to perform surgeries on HIV+Ve cases, Hbs Ag+ve cases & HCV+ve cases (Hepatitis). The Department is patient friendly, smoothly managed & guided by the eminent senior surgeon Dr.P.V.Ramana Murthy.,MS.,FRCS (UK). Andhra Hospital surgery department having > 100 beds (out of 200 beds including surgery ICU, step down ICU) is providing assured quality of surgical services and giving excellent care and comfort to the patient. It is immense pleasure to inform you that it is only hospital providing round the clock presence of surgeons in the hospital, along with the specialist doctors (Physicians, intensivist & anesthetist) to provide emergency surgical care patients in the each ward is looked after by senior duty doctors. The department is providing good counseling sessions and effective post operative care either in the surgical ICU or in the stepdown wards.

We have excellent surgical theaters having facilities to do various open and laparoscopic procedures. Surgery department well supported by very experienced senior anesthetist Dr.S.Gopichand, expert intesivist and anesthetists Dr.Murali, Dr.Ravi Chandra, Dr K Tulasiram, Dr K V Raghava Chowdary and Dr.Ravindranath and with fully equipped ICU (ventilators) and fully trained staff nurses.

Andhra Hospital Surgery Department is providing expertise surgical care at the affordable price to suit every one"s budget. We are performing large number of general surgeries ( Open & Lap surgeries). Lap Appendicectomy, Lap Cholecystectomy, Lap Adhesiolysis, Diagnostic laparoscopy, Laparoscopic closure of D.U perforation etc. We are performing Thyroidectomies (Hemi / Sub total / Total), mastectomies (radical/ modified radical), large complicated ventral hernial & all types of the hernias, gastrectomies, cystogastrostomies, laparoscopic liver abscess drainages, surgeries for (Lap / open) for acute intestinal obstructions (large / small bowel), splenectomies. Hemicolectomies for obstruction & malignancies, and various perianal & anorectal procedures like fissures & haemorrhoids. Our hospital is tertiary care hospital performing all complicated surgeries reffered by various hospital.

We are performing emergency surgeries for ill patients who comes in middle of the night with complicated blunt injuries abdomen and stab injuries of the abdomen. We are doing surgeries on HIV positive patients, HCV positive patients and Hbs Ag positive patients at an affordable price only. We can say this is the only hospital in the city which is providing round the clock medical / surgical health care facilities to the patients.

All the surgery patients visiting the hospital are registered at the general counter, first seen by specialist surgeons and then few patients are directed to the super speciality doctors - urology / surgical gastro etc. if their problem demands super speciality care. General surgery department has remarkable experience & success in treating the various complicated surgeries referred by various hospital. Round the clock imaging facilities, prompt lab services, excellent critical care back up, enable this surgical unit to take up any type of complicated cases, and providing services at affordable price to every one"s reach.